What is best for YOU? A marketing strategy should be custom designed around your company. Not all marketing strategies work for all companies.

Should you have a twitter account for your company or is that a waste a time?

Should you build a Facebook Fan page for your business?
Should you do pay per click advertising?
Should you redesign your website?
Should you create a mobile website?
Should you have a mobile app for your company?
Should you do SEO?

How much should you spend on online marketing versus traditional?

These are all questions that MUST be answered and you need someone like myself who has years of experience to guide you in the right direction.

I'll only recommend things that I think will work for your business. I'm only concerned about getting you results. Not all marketing strategies are beneficial to you and it is my job to make sure you are only spending your money and time on the ones that will benefit you.

So if you need to have a marketing blueprint created for your company then give me a call at 403-978-1914. It will probably be one the best decisions you make!