I love designing clean, minimalistic type websites. My philosophy is that the design should not be the center of attention but should serve to increase conversions. In other words, the design is part of your overall marketing strategy and is only one piece of the puzzle.

I do designs differently… instead of using one designer for your project, I use on average 5-15 designers that all send a different concept that you get to choose from. That way you aren't stuck having to choose a design from just one perspective (one designer).

In order for you to really understand the value that I provide please take a look at some of the projects I worked on where we sent multiple design mock-ups that the client got to pick from.


If you are looking to get a beautiful design done for your website where you aren't limited to a design concept from a single designer then please give me a call at 403-978-1914 (you get to talk to me and not some new graduate from marketing with hardly and real world experience).